Hi people from Twit.tv/All About Android!

I was just on Twit.tv’s All About Android show for the second time and I had a blast!

The first time I was on the show was almost exactly a year ago when I was on with my friends Matteo and Jolanda at a fully packed table. Today was my second time and I got to talk about working with the Pico i.MX7 Android Things dev board.

I just wish I hadn’t tried to keep on training my Tensorflow model even further because in the end I couldn’t upload the last version to the board correctly … somehow I had screwed the model up 😦

I also was allowed to show off my cufflinks and my Chromecast app ShowCast (which is winning in the polls at this point! Go, ShowCast!), see all kinds of great things, chat to Flo, Jason and Ron and just have a good time. Great way to spend some hours.

Thanks to Jason, Flo and Ron for having me!


PS: I will update this blog with more tips and tricks I’ve been using for Android development and on my current projects (like my old tiling system/game which has been updated sporadically).

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