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Mountains are just big hills…

Well, I think I have found a nice way to make rivers happen, but in the meantime I want to get my terrain looking better. Playing around with different methods of setting up my fractals produce wildly different effects and … Continue reading

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But now it has to look real! Or at least, interesting…

OK, so now I have a basic terrain to work with (bar some tweaking to the fractal pattern). But there’s a few things missing: all the things which make a terrain a map. I’m talking rivers, forest, plains and deserts…biomes! … Continue reading

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Seamless fractal terrain using 4D Simplex noise! Let there be land :)

Woot! After a few (ok, a lot) of missteps I finally got my randomly generated terrain to work! As I mentioned before I’m using a 4D simplex noise generator madeĀ  by Gustavson and got pointed in the right way of … Continue reading

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